Open Regulate — powered by AI with input from regulators around the world.

The more you use it the smarter it gets.

Ultra-fast, responsive and intuitive

Adaptive graph-based database technology harnesses complex data relationships and evolves them over time as the data changes, through a blend of machine learning and predictive analytics. Essentially the platform learns to think. The result is the most intricate and applicable information, gets delivered in real-time. Reports can be customized to refine and present the data you need, in the format you want, virtually without limit.

Beautifully simple

Open Regulate includes a comprehensive suite of user applications, including a dedicated Right Touch Regulation module. And it delivers these integrated applications with an easy to use stepped process and crystal-clear dashboards.

Behind a great user experience, Open Regulate is powered by graph database technology with AI capabilities. This offers huge advantages over widely used relational databases. You’ll notice overall performance, flexibility and speed of information storage and retrieval, improve exponentially.

Safe and secure

Open Regulate delivers exceptional security across all service platforms and hosting facilities. Our deployments are routinely penetration tested to identify and eliminate potential attack points. Three of the five major banks in Canada have run information security audits against Open Regulate. Our internal operating procedures passed the test. We recently deployed a custom regulatory compliance system for The Bank of Montreal.

How it works

How it works

Process Engineering icon

1. Process Engineering

We conduct an in-depth review with your team to analyze your current operating processes, then collaborate on a new custom solution. A dedicated project manager is assigned to carry the project forward towards a formal statement of work.

2. Custom Design & Development

Working from the requirements and process engineering flows developed by the business analyst, we architect a design and the technical specifications to support it. These technical specifications will be used to create the necessary customization to our core platform to support your exact requirements.

3. Data Mapping

As many organizations have discovered, mapping all historical data from a legacy system(s) to an improved secure environment is a critical part of any system upgrade. Our dedicated mapping team ensures the data is both clean (deleting duplicate records for example) and normalized, before migration.
Quality Assurance

4. Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance analysts develop rigorous test cases against expected inputs and outputs based on system requirements and specifications. The QA analyst then tests each module ensuring compliance with the specifications, prior to deployment.

Why Choose Open Regulate?

  • In-house regulatory expertise
  • Fully customized, device & browser-friendly
    solution architecture
  • Secure cloud storage (country of origin)
  • Sophisticated measurement, metrics & reporting
  • Structured and predictable pricing
  • Ultra-fast, modern regulatory database technology
  • Turn-key data migration / mapping
  • Dedicated client training / documentation & support
  • Integrate with third-party software
    (full API integration)

Modules and Portals

The Open Regulate turn-key regulatory database solution powers a comprehensive suite of user application modules and portals that support all critical regulatory standards and workflows, including:

  • Registration & renewals management
  • Inquiries, complaints and discipline
  • Quality assurance & education
  • Reporting
  • Public register
  • Applicant portal
  • Member / registrant portal
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Invoicing & payment processing
  • Communication management
  • Events
  • Third-party integrations

Take the first step to a stronger regulatory environment.

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