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Our sole purpose is delivering operational excellence to regulators, regulated industries and GRC professionals. We do this by applying leading-edge technology, directed by a client-focused team with exceptional domain expertise and some of the brightest minds in the industry. Because we also place a high value on interpersonal skills, you’ll find we’re an approachable bunch who enjoy collaborating with clients to build their regulatory future.

Our Expertise

We understand the challenges regulators face. Frequent amendments, changing disclosure requirements, and increasingly detailed oversight, are just a few factors regulators must continually adapt to. Keeping this in mind, we develop solutions around an adaptable framework that minimizes friction to offer maximum fluidity. The resulting solutions are designed to suit the requirements of individual clients by facilitating their entire regulatory process, with a minimum of customization.

We continue to learn, adapt and expand, as a requisite for refining and improving our platform. And as our domain knowledge grows, we’re increasingly asked to play an advisory role, imparting best practices on an organizational level, by modelling the foundation for regulatory excellence.

Our Experience

Founded in Toronto, Canada in 2014, Thentia enjoys a significant share of the professional regulatory market in Canada and is steadily expanding into the United States and Europe.

Over many years consulting with government, self regulatory and private clients we’ve developed a sophisticated process ensuring our solutions are designed, architected and quality assured to meet or exceed industry standards. Naturally, we’re ISO 27001 certified in addition to utilizing SOC Type ll compliant data centers.

In keeping with our commitment to accessibility Thentia’s website is ADA section 508 and AODA compliant.

We’re proud to work with leading business compliance clients worldwide.

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