Create a stronger regulatory environment with Open Regulate — the professional licensing database.

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Better technology builds better Regulatory Compliance Software

With crystal clear dashboards and ultra-custom reporting, you won’t believe the difference.



Open Regulate is a turn-key regulatory database solution that powers a comprehensive suite of user applications. Our ultra-fast, mobile responsive and browser compatible solution, is built specifically for regulatory organizations by Thentia, leaders in GRC technology.


Data Security

Open Regulate delivers exceptional security across all service platforms and hosting facilities. Our deployments are routinely penetration tested to identify and eliminate potential attack points. Open Regulate is ISO 27001 compliant.

Global cloud

Global Cloud

We deploy Open Regulate on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS for performance, scalability and compliance with international data privacy laws – e.g. FedRAMP and GDPR. Both exist in a secure configuration with complete logical isolation, encryption at rest (and in transit) at all endpoints.

Why it’s better

Open Regulate is built on graph-based database technology with AI capabilities. This offers huge advantages over widely used relational databases. You’ll notice overall performance, flexibility and speed of information storage and retrieval, improve exponentially.

A graph database harnesses complex data relationships and evolves them over time as the data changes. The result is the most intricate and applicable information, gets delivered in real-time, through a blend of machine learning and predictive analytics. Reports can be customized to refine and present the data you need, in the format you want, virtually without limit.

Take the first step to a stronger regulatory environment.

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